Supabase, Airtable, MySql, Toddle, WeWeb, Bubble, etc.  Comnoco adds functions or workflows, APIs, data transformation, webhooks and more.  You can program without code.  Create, deploy, secure and scale instantly.

Build with Blocks

Build your processes as re-useable functions by adding blocks to a tree which acts like a flow chart on steroids.
Trigger your functions via an API / webhook or use them elsewhere in your project.

Comnoco Scales. Always.

All you do is publish.
Comnoco runs as functions as a service (FaaS) so it scales infinitely.
You'll have a powerful backend for your projects whether code or no-code, for a frontend or to power headless backend processes.

Instant Connectors

Comnoco reads API specs... you don't have to.

Use Supabase, Airtable, etc.

No vendor lock-in to a Comnoco database, use your existing database. You can use Supabase for data and authorisation, Airtable for data or any other database.
Be free to use the best database for you.

Avoid Mistakes

Comnoco's blocks are `typed` meaning that at each add point you are only given compatible things.
You get guided, mistakes are avoided.

Just Play

Comnoco is easy to get started with. All you need to do is point and click, then see where it takes you.

No-code Developers Go 🤯 🤩 😍

"wow, this is extremely impressive"
One of the biggest no-code platforms
"As a non-technical person, I was intimidated by the thought of building a backend for my business. But with this no-code backend programming language, I was able to create a functioning backend with minimal effort. Its intuitive interface and ability to connect APIs made it easy for me to automate my processes and create transactional emails. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking to build a backend without writing code."
Dr Sarah Campbell
CEO @ Play Well For Life & Sapling Institute

Start for free

Comnoco Smile Logo
Program without the hard bits.  No payment required.

The fastest way to create secure and scalable Functions as a Service

Deploy serverless APIs in minutes without writing code

Just like Python is a programming language that coders use to create backends, Comnoco is a programming language for no-coders and enterprises that want to move faster. 💨
Programming Visually

Program without code

Build business logic while we guide you.
Add conditions to anything, reuse your functions, connect to APIs & databases.
This is a true no-code language that your granny* could use.  *Although, warning, she may not enjoy it.

Deploy instantly & relax

Expose functions you create as APIs or
listen for Webhooks. Automatically generate and share an API specification for others to connect to.
Oh, and yes, we make it secure and scale seamlessly.

Connect to APIs in seconds

Want to connect to a system using an API?
Don't struggle trying to understand an API spec, instead our OpenAPI importer will take a specification and build you functions to connect to all available endpoints in seconds.

We don't tie you to a database

You already have data in too many places, we allow you to break down the barriers, join all your data siloes and use real scalable databases.

Demistify what's happening

As you build, see the state of your data change with each step you add. You can see JSON and database records etc. in a clear hierarchical and interactive view.

Transactional Emails

Our platform scales as needed, giving you peace of mind and a dashboard to monitor your programs

Transactional Docs (PDFs)

Create dynamic business documents. The familiarity of MS Word with the power of Comnoco.  Hyper personalise everything.

Collaborate and Organise

Adding users is free, restrict access to teams and organise into projects.

Affordable, fair pricing

Build APIs and backends.
Free to start. Scales with your business.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please ask us.
How will billing work?
  • Plans are per team, not per user or workspace.
  • Teams can contain multiple workspaces (for your different projects) and as many users as your subscription allows.
  • Each plan gives you a number of runs* and a bandwidth allowance**. If you reach the limit of any of these you will need to switch plan for more.
* We'll try to keep the pricing model as simple as possible. Each time anything you have written in Comnoco is used (run) that counts towards your plan. In the app, you will see your use.

** Measured as output from 'runs'.
ℹ️ We're in an early phase and feedback on pricing is welcome.
What about a database and user authentication?
Comnoco strives to be a programming language and not lock you into a database.  We instead allow you to connect to any database and authenticate using third party auth solutions. 
We highly recommend Supabase for both. They have a super generous free tier, scale and are based on Postgres so you are not locked in.
How long does it take to learn Comnoco?
Comnoco is built to be intuitive and hand hold you as you go.  So, not long at all!
You don’t need to code or know programming languages to use it, though what you learn while using Comnoco will teach you the basics of how to program.
Who uses Comnoco?  Technical or non-technical people?
Comnoco is designed for non-technical users, however, it is also utilised by engineers and technical professionals.  Our goal is to empower all users, from Excel wizards to CTOs, to create backends in an instant.
What is the capacity per tier and do you offer dedicated resources?
Our platform auto scales so it will always have processing capacity for you.
If you want dedicated servers or to host in a private cloud or network then that is possible on our enterprise tier.
Is Comnoco secure? Where’s my data stored?
Comnoco’s security for all customers is enterprise-level.  We store the code we generate to run your functions but your business data is never stored on our servers.  Secrets are stored using the industry standard Hashicorp Vault.  We use end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe while it’s in transit and your 'runs' are performed in a sandbox.
Can I see an audit of API calls?
Yes, Comnoco logs all API calls and you can see the logs for each call.  We don't store a copy of your incoming data though because we don't harvest your data.  You may of course log every input and output very easily if you choose to.
What tech stack does Comnoco use?
This is getting a bit personal. 🤪  It's top secret, but since you asked, the backend is built in Go (the same as docker, Kubernetes etc.) and what you see on the front end is built in Vue and Typescript.
Is Comnoco cloud native?
Yes, as well as being available as a SaaS product, enterprise customers may run it in a private cloud or on premises. Comnoco is flexible and built to scale as microservices.
Are you going to change your pricing in the future?
Our pricing is in Beta.  Pricing will change in the future, however we aim to  keep Comnoco accessible to all from the enterprise to individuals.